Weekly Round Up of Fun


There have been lots of fun things going on in the blogger-sphere/internet world lately. I thought it would be proper to end out the week by sharing them with all of you! I love how easy it is to find inspiration at the click of a button or the touch of a screen!  What would we do without internet and the creative community that stike our match  and give way to a flame of inspiration?

Let’s jump right into all the fun, fabulous and craftiness that has had me jumping for joy this week!

1.  Atly has some major fun-ness happening all the time and I have to say, this little corner of internet sweetness has been paradise for me lately! Atly is all about education, teaching and inspiring. They provide creative online classes that you can take on your own time, with instructor feedback as well as lifetime access to the courses you’ve signed up for.  If you’re a creative looking to broaden your flow or just looking for something creative to be a part of, Atly is AMAZING!  Not to mention, the give back. Atly started a Women’s and Children’sEducation Fund and every time you enroll in a class, a percentage of that fee is allotted to their fund. Total win, win!!http://atly.com

 2.  Studio DIY is by far the most colorful and wonderful space on the internet! Kelly from Studio DIY is fabulous, whimsical and the trendiest little thing I’ve ever seen.  Her DIY talent knocks me off my feet and has me wishing I could swoop off to LA any second.  She recently posted a Studio DIY Headquarters reveal post, I’m swooning……If your wanting color or design inspiration, not to mention DIY inspiration, than you probably need to subscribe!


3.  Happy Mommy Box has got to be the sweetest and most creative type of subscription for care packages, I’ve seen lately and it’s for MOMMIES!  I’m not quite a mommy yet, but I will be there in about 8 weeks! I’m loving how creative these young women behind Happy Mommy Box are.  If your a mommy of any kind, it’s worth checking out.  You can sign up for 3 months at $89 with free shipping and the products are totally worth the price!  Of course you can also subscribe monthly for $29 with free shipping as well.  I really though the subscription package fad was fading out, until I found Happy Mommy Box!  I will be snagging a box as soon as my sweet babes arrives, I don’t want to be a cheater! ;)http://happymommybox.com

What fun things have you discovered this week?  Please do tell, I love some inspiration ova here!  If you’re a mommy, do you think you’ll try out the subscription from Happy Mommy Box? Or if you’re a creative, do you think you might like to try the Atly classes?  Let me know if you dive in and how it all worked out!!

love, love, love!

Back To School Gift Basket Girl’s Edition


In a few short weeks, my 14 years old sister will be starting high school!

I can remember how nervous I was on my first day.   I had all my clothes placed out and my hair fixed the night before so I could concentrate on getting mentally prepared for the beginning of the rest of my life….Total exaggeration, I know! But that’s how I felt and I’m sure my little sister is going through the same emotional roller coaster as well!

In celebration of this new milestone in her life since becoming a teenager.  I though a back to school gift basket would be a fun way to say “you got this”!  I’m the oldest in my family and never had that older sibling to count on and boy, could I have used one right before my big day to give me a pep talk.  So, I know she will appreciate this!

Here’s what’s on my “Back To School Freshman Gift Basket” list

College ruled notebook paper

Mechanical pencils


Locker gear

White Out Tape

Mini Hand Sanitizer

Dollar Spot Mini Gel Pens

Colorful Journal via Home Goods





 I placed all the items in a cute wicker basket surrounded by cute tissue paper that I had left over from a previous gift. I love the basket because it has handles, which allowed me to tie a chalkboard tag (from Home Goods) on the front!




This was so easy to put together and it’s full of fun and color, perfect for a teenage girl about to make her way into high school!

I cannot WAIT to give her this gift basket full of fun school goodies!

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Nursery Splurge Vs. Steals


Hello again!  What a beautiful day, just kidding!…..Radar say’s partly cloudy for today and a 50% chance of rain for tomorrow.  North Carolina just can’t seem to beat this stinky weather, It’s no where near stopping me though.  I’ve got so many marks to check off my To-Do list.  Today I will be in the salon, but thinking about my nursery.  I can’t WAIT to get  everything up on the walls and clothes in their rightful spot!  So exciting!

As, I was contemplating on a few items to purchase for baby Patrones nursery.  I realized, there are quite a few great deals out there if you just keep looking!  Below are some splurge and steals!  Steals are fab just like the splurges, but won’t crack that wallet!

The first splurge is from Lamps Plus  and the steal is from Pier One.

I was lucky to find the Pier One mirror on sale in my local store for $20.  Not a total steal, but hey!  I love saving money!


If you love saving money, than you’ve gotta love furniture at a GREAT price. But first let’s talk about the below products for a minute, shall we!? The beautiful splurges on your left, I found while internet shopping, well, looking!  The first splurge of $799 is from Land of Nod, I cry!  You know everything Land of Nod creates is fantastical and comfy, except for that price tag! The last splurge of $700 is from Overstock.

Skip to the bottom to read how I feel about all those steals to the right!!!!


First off, lets talk about this $300 Target glider!  My store has just started carrying this! SCORE!! I ordered one online last night!  So excited for it to show up on my doorstep!  Did I mention when I posted the picture and price tag of that rocker on Facebook, everyone went nuts!?  Total steal!

The next glider priced at $323, is from Wayfair.  They have great deals on gliders and specify how many they have in stock, which I like.

Now, on to my favorite part….the gold pouf’s!  I have been looking and looking for a decent priced faux gold pouf and I FINALLY found them! The faux gold pouf priced at $89 is from Land of Nod…….Shut tha front door!  I totally take back what I said! Sending praises there way!

The last pouf is from Etsy by a shop called Bazarberber.  I’m really loving this gold pouf for the simple fact that it’s hand made in Morocco, not to mention flame retardant!!  That’s a plus for a nursery! I also love supporting small businesses, they truly make this country what it is!

I so hope you’ve enjoyed this Splurge Vs. Steal post!?  And remember, sharing is caring!

Nursery Inspiration


Good morning everyone!  Hope you’re still enjoying Savvy Darling’s new look!?  I’ve had so much fun tinkering and adding new things lately, like the share buttons at the bottom of this post! Hint, hint!  If you love this post, please do share with others!

As most of you know, I’m prego, like 30 weeks prego and we’ve decided to keep the gender of our baby a surprise. Therefore, I’ve had a hard time with a color scheme.  Since I’ve been on another painting rampage. I decided to start on the nursery and I’ve hit a wall, my nursery wall, that is.  I can’t for the life of me decide if I want tan and white stripes or just tan.  I have a chalkboard accent wall in the nursery, so I’m afraid adding white stripes will just make the space looked cramped and we don’t want that! What do you all think about my dilemma?

The colors I’ve chosen are gold, tan, white and grey.  I think these colors are a great choice for either boy or girl!


I have a mock up on the look I’m going for and I must say, I think I’ve outdone myself!  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out despite not knowing how I want to paint the walls.  I have lots of similar items on my mood board that I’ve already purchased, so I can mentally see in my mind where everything is going to go!  Go on, take a look, you know you wanna!


1. Lindsay Letters print via Hobby Lobby -$40.  I must share a word or two about this lady.  She is Beautiful from the inside out with a love for Christ and UBER talented!  Her prints can now be found at Hobby Lobby, but if your having trouble finding them in your local store, check out her website Linsay Letters  (2.Serena & Lilly Crib -$495.  (3.Threshold Floor Lamp via Target- $80 (4. Simmons Kids Augusta Upholstered Glider via Target -$300 (5. Kathy Kuo Home Sunburst Mirror  -$503 (6. IKEA Isala Side table -$179 (7. Gold Faux Leather Ottoman via Burke Decor (8. Pile High Rug via Wayfair

I hope this gives some of you moms-to-be lots of fun inspiration!!

How would you decorate your nursery If you were letting the gender of your baby be a surprise!?

Would you go bold and boisterous, or would you keep it soft and subtle?

DIY Mirror Frame


Do you ever find things lying around your home and you think, “where did this even come from?”

Well, it happens to me all the time.  More often than not I find myself thinking, “there’s no way I bought this?!”.   When I realize how ridiculous the purchase was and how tacky it really is, I usually turn it into something better.  Kind of like the lamp I purchased a while back and then realized how much I hated it!

Well, lucky for you, I found another project begging to be dealt with and I’m pretty sure my husband is responsible for this purchase!

A year ago we we’re in desperate need of a mirror, you know, the ones that hang from your bedroom door?  So, the hub purchased a plain mirror from IKEA, which suited our needs for the moment. It’s just a mirror with an unfinished frame and it’s been hanging around my home for way to long.  I didn’t want to throw it away because I knew deep down in my little, bitty, DIY, wannabe heart, that I could do something magical with it!

I’m pretty proud of this DIY mirror frame, mainly for the simple fact that I busted up into Lowe’s Home Improvements, pregnant and ready to take charge. Us women have to stand tall and know what we want when we walk into a home improvement store!!  It’s “almost” like buying a car, in the sense that you have to be straight forward and self-confident! Okay, who am I kidding, it’s nothing like buying a car, but you get the idea.

Below is the plain IKEA frame my husband purchased.  Oh! and in the reflection is the dresser I’m currently giving a makeover for my October baby’s changing table! That thing has wheels….rad!!!!


Lets get into the deet’s, shall we!?

I bee-bopped up into Lowe’s Home Improvements like it was nobody’s business and headed straight for the crown molding.  I did make a stop along the way and asked an employee if they happened to make miter cuts…..They don’t, just case you’re wondering!

Below is the piece of crown molding my husband cut for me, he happens to do miter cuts…Yippee!!! And I purchased corner molding which is already put together so you can slip a straight piece of crown molding into the open side of the bracket. (It’s important you match your corner molding with whatever crown molding you are using, otherwise, the crown molding will not fit into the side of the corner bracket).

My husband measured the length and the height of the mirror to create the miter cuts.  I would suggest having someone measure and cut the straight piece of crown molding for you!  I know I couldn’t have done it! Thank’s hubby!


Here’s a better view of the corner molding.

Where the three arrows are pointing, is where you insert one end of the crown molding.

http://www.savvydarling.com/diymirrorframeNext, I of course went to spray painting!  This is my first time using Krylon spray paint and I have to say, I’m not a fan!  I love my Valspar and Rust-Oleum.  I picked a muted teal in satin, of course!  Satin is my favorite finish.


 After spray painting the frame piece, I moved on to the mirror.  I covered the mirror using a few sheets of thick paper towels and carefully taped the border using  Scotch Blue Painters Tape.



 Here’s a view of the painted frame after all the paper towels and tape were removed.


 I waited a day or two before I started putting the frame together.  I definitely took my time on this project! Below is a look at how the crown molding fit together.



After the frame was dry, I used Elmer’s Interior Wood Glue  to glue the joints together.  I was confident in using wood glue after my husband told me he learned in wood shop class, that a joint which is glued together is stronger than the wood itself.


 After I glued all of the joints together, I have to mention, my husband was right!  Wood glue is the jam and it held my frame together something fierce!


 I waited one full day for the joints of the frame to get nice and dry before I actually glued the frame to the mirror. This was so simple and I’m so glad to be rid of that ugly, boring mirror!

Check out how awesome it looks now!




 So glad this turned out as well as it did, now my husband and I just have to find a place to hang it!!

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