Updating Our Home One Room at A Time


The past two days have been much of a blur.  I’ve been busy priming and painting my life away, literally! Hence the past two days being “much of a blur”.

My husband and I installed new window fixtures in black, I decided it was time to give my dining room a color makeover.  We previously had tan on the walls and tan and black are nice colors that fit well together, I just needed something a little more dramatic.  After adding the window fixtures, one thing led to another and we started working on the kitchen.

Before we get into what my dining room and kitchen look like now, let me show you the atrocious monstrosity it was…..


Everything was disheveled and my poor husband was going nuts!  With the pregnancy coming to an end in 3 short months, I’ve been going stir crazy trying to get things accomplished. Below are a combination of paint colors I chose for our dining room, three colors to be exact!  You can’t really tell and I guess I’m horrible at choosing paint colors….My husband picked out our new paint color and I love it, its lighter than all three of those “same shades” in the picture below.


Our kitchen is another story!  I think this stressed my poor hubs out the most, because we purchased an IKEA island.  We all know that when you purchase anything IKEA, it comes in a million ba-jillion pieces…..So, what we really purchased were two base cabinets, all their doors, hinges, pulleys, knobs, dividers and a butcher block top………I’m pretty sure I’m leaving a few more things out…..Below is what our kitchen looked like during this installment. savvydarling.com

After all the doors were placed together, I started the painting process.


The next day, my hubby and I decided that we needed the IKEA kitchen island to have a custom look, which we are still working on.  I will be sure to share with you all the end result  Here’s a sneak peek below of where we are going design wise.


For now, here is how far along we’ve come with both the dining room and kitchen.


My husband picked out a fantastic color in mint called “Green Vibe” by Valspar.  If you haven’t noticed by now, I love Valspar paint! The knobs are from IKEA and of course, I would put in the link to buy them, but they won’t ship em’……..ugh……



The paint color we chose for the dining room is called “Silver Leaf” by Valspar.  I love it far better than the other three colors I had swatched on the wall.  It’s the perfect shade of grey with a hint of blue.  Hopefully one day we will add some crown molding to this room.


The next project, which will be a breeze, is the interior side of the front door.  I’m planning on….yup…you guessed it, I’m painting it!  I think I will paint it the same color as the wall, but in a semi gloss, of course.


I cannot wait to reupholster these wing-back chairs.  They are such an eye sore!!  We will also be changing this table out for a large round one!  So exciting!


I love how this Silver Leaf color plays with the dark grey/blue in my hallway!  It’s the perfect visual when walking in through the front door!

Okay, that’s enough for now!  I can’t wait to share the finished rooms with you.  Right now, I’ve got 100 projects going all at once, suits me right!  I’m having a baby…..I’ve got to get this mess done!!!

Everyone have a fantastic Saturday!

Out with The Old & In with The New- Day 5


Hello again and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

I have such a long day ahead of me, but I hope it goes by quick……Don’t we all?

The last DIY I have in store for you is a shabby chic and rustic bucket!  I’ve been slowly mixing in black accents to my living room colors and I thought no better way to introduce it, than by stripes!


I wanted to paint the entire bucket, but just resorted to stripes, since I felt I needed some stripe accents in my life!


First, I taped off the bucket using Frog Tape.  Because the shape of the bucket, I had to smooth over the tape in the areas that it would not lay firmly.


Next, I went to spray painting and don’t worry, this prego mama uses a mask!  I used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint.  Rust-Oleum is my fave spray paint for metallic’s and chalkboard paint!  I use Valspar for all other colors.  To protect the bottom of the bucket from getting splitter splattered with paint, I used two cut up 2×4′s.  You can see how easy that worked in my last tutorial here.


After everything was dry, I slowly peeled off the tape and the used my chalk marker to write my sweet last name!!  I purchased the chalk marker from Target in the $1 section.  I don’t really like it, but hey!  you get what you pay for.




Here are some day photos!



It was so easy updating all this old stuff into something useful and fun!  I hope all you awesome peeps got some great inspiration to give your home new life!

I have some fun things going on in the next couple of weeks and I cannot WAIT to share it with you all!  Follow me on Instagram and you’ll get the inside scoop to what goes on in my life, when I’m not blogging!  Everyone have a great weekend and I will catch ya on Sunday!

Out With The Old & In With The New- Day 4


Good morning everyone!  I hope this week is treating you well!?

Yesterday was a bit of a miss for me, if you don’t mind me saying so?  But we all have days like those!  If your morning has been slow to start and you just can’t seem to find your footing, let me help!

I’ve been throwing out some pretty easy updates this week and I have to say, this is the easiest of them all.  Do you have any old picture frames lying around that you can’t seem to find a use for?  Or lets just say you don’t have a picture big enough for the frame. One could go out and have a photo re-sized, but how boring.  I wanna shake things up a bit and make it funky!

Below is an old frame I found while thrifting a few years ago.  I loved the frame, but never found a use for it.  Is there ANYONE out there that can relate to me?  You find something you love, but when you get it home, can’t find a place for it!?! torture!!  Any who, take a look a the frame.


We’re going to make a use for this useless old thing right now and here’s what you’ll need.

1. Scissors.

2. A picture of your liking.  I chose a picture of my sweet husband when he was little.

3. scrap material (enough to fit inside your frame).

4. glue stick or tape.


Are you starting to get some ideas and inspiration?…..Good, then I don’t have to tell you how to put this together, right!?

Just kidding!

Measure the inside of your frame and cut those exact measurements from your material, place the photo wherever you would like on the front side of the material.  I chose to place mine right in the center using a sliver of tape. Place the material inside the frame, slap the backing in place and hang that baby!!!

Oh my word….Did I bore you with how EASY this is!?  You’ve already done like, 5 by now, right?!

Here’s the finished frame!  Wasn’t my hub such a cute baby!?


If you want further inspiration, you have got to check out my friend Megan’s blog over at Design by Saenz!  She is an eccentric DIY fanatic, whom loves decorating and design.  Plus, she has this really awesome DIY floor seat/ottoman tutorial up on her blog right now.  Have a look-sie, she’s amazing and has so much inspiration to give!

Have a great DIY day!!

Out With The Old & In With The New- Day 3


This morning, I’m thrilled to be sharing some seriously easy abstract art with you all!

I had two canvases lying around from an art class I took in college and I decided they needed to be put to use.  Since I’ve decided to make new from old this week, these canvases were perfect!

They’re plain 16×20 flat canvas from AC Moore.  They do not have backing on them, so I had to makeshift my own..

Here are progress pictures of the project below.  I didn’t get into too much detail in this first picture, as I know you lovely readers get the idea!

photo 1

Below, I got into a bit more detail so you could see how I created the sharp angle.

I basically laid the tape over the pre-existing cut tape and drew a line where the top piece needed to be cut.

photo 2

Then cut away!!!!! Okay, well, a little snip!

photo 3

Here you can see how well that worked and it fit into place perfectly!photo 4


I also decided to add a border to the abstract.

Now it’s time to spray paint…..My favorite part!!!!!! p.s. I love Rust-Oleum for my metallic’s, so that’s what I used for this project!!


Here is the finished project, but WAIT!!  I did A LOT more!!!!  Just keep scrolling!

photo 4 (1)





I hope you all enjoyed this seriously EASY tutorial!  Make sure to link up with me if you decided to do one of these awesome DIY’s

“Out With The Old & In With The New”- Day 2


Good morning, all you fabulous people, you!!

After this week is finished, you will have a pretty good realization that I’ve gone “silver crazy”.  I’m usually more of a gold girl, but this time around decorating, I’ve decided to spice it up a bit.  I’ve been mixing in silver accents with my gold and I LOVE IT!  I could not be more obsessed.

The next items I decided to spruce up, were a few baskets that sit underneath my living room table.  They came from IKEA along with the living room table.  Oh! p.s., I’m going to IKEA on Sunday to pick up a kitchen island……SO EXCITED!

Okay, back to sprucing up old items!

Here’s a look at the baskets that are about to be beautified!


I had to snag a picture of my sweet Lucy, she was being such a sweet little pup sitting near the baskets!


The first thing I decided to do, was tape off where I wanted to spray paint the metallic spray paint. I placed the basket on top of painters canvas to protect our gravel.


Next I placed two pieces of cut up 2×4 on top of the baskets to protect the bottom from being painted.


Before spray painting, I rolled up the painters canvas to protect the top of the basket from being painted. Yeah, it’s kind of a lazy girl DIY, but hey!  it worked!!


You can see from the picture below that the 2×4′s protected the bottom of the baskets perfectly!


Below is the finished product and I’m so excited about it!  I drew my inspiration from Pinterest after finding and viewing this hand dipped basket from Like A Saturday blog. Her basket turned out fabulous and looks so professionally done!


It’s a bit difficult to see the metallic spray paint in the photos because of lighting, but it’s GAWGEOUS in real life!!




Here’s a sweet picture of my other little pup, Maggie!!  She’s a stinker!


This was the simplest DIY I’ve ever done, by far!  I liked the fact that with spray paint, you don’t have to worry about it leaking in through the basket.  I was worried since these baskets have such a large weaving, if I hand dipped them, the paint would bleed through!

So, spray painting worked out perfect!  What do you all think!?  Pretty fun, right!?

I hope you all are enjoying this weeks segment so far.  Let me know if there are some more things you’d like to see!!

Have a wonderful DIY day!