New Dining Room Mood Board Design

Hello everyone!

I hope your enjoying the new Savvy Darling? I know I’am and I’m so glad to be up and running again! I’ve got a few small hiccups to work out, but for the most part, my blog s now appealing and the hiccups are on  the back end and you can’t see those, so it’s okay for now!!  To start off my new web design celebration with a BANG!  I’ve decided to share some dining room design inspiration with you.

I’ve got big plans for our dining room in the near future and I wanted to show all of  you the direction I’m headed with this space!

If you’ve been following along the past two weeks, you’ve seen the small transformation my dining room has undergone.  I’ve painted the walls and cleaned up the space to be prepped for fun interior furnishings and such!  It was important for me to have a “clutter free” space to work with, kind of like a blank canvas, if you will!

I’m so excited to find similar items from my mood board!  By creating a visual mood board, it has given me direction and very much so serves as a check off list!  I think that’s why I like the mood board concept so much!

“It gives inspiration with direction”

If you didn’t already know this about me, than here’s something new.  I love ANYTHING dealing with organization, but I’m very unorganized!!  Hence utilizing a mood board to refer to when I veer off track, which I do quite often :/

Have a looksie at a mock up of my dining room…

Ughhhhh……I drool!

Everything about this say’s simple, rich and elegant.  I’m a big fan of over all neutrals from wall to wall and then adding something BRIGHT, any pop of color to wake up all the neutral.

I’m hoping my dining room comes together as easily and as quickly as this mood board did!!

What do you all think? You know I love your feedback!

If you are as much in love with these items as I am, you can find the links below!

1. Large Farlane Chandelier, Antique Brass$1,655.00 2OKA Nicolai Upholstered Dining Chair, Oak Legs$765 3. Jamie young ball chain mirror $400 4. Merced Black 3×5 Hooked Rug By Trina Turk by Trina Turk$160.00 5. Pineapple Print$30 6. Alpine Dining Table 7. Floral Arrangement $670.65

Everyone have a fantastic morning and thank’s for following along!

Let’s Be Friends


Hey there!

It has been quite an amazing two weeks here at and I hope you’ve all enjoyed the fun and exciting things going on!?

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I’ve got lots more planned for next week and I cannot wait to share with all of you! With that being said, are there certain things “you” would like to see or maybe certain topics you’d like being discussed? Give me some feedback y’all, don’t be shy! I don’t want to just stay in my own little bubble over here, let’s gets some topics flowing and connect!

I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and fun-filled 4th of July celebration and thank “you” for following and making part-time blogging such a great experience for me!

Catch ya this Sunday with some great DIY fun!

In gratitude, Savannah Patrone

Simple Master Bath Transformation

My husband and I have been living in our sweet little home for 4 years and just recently I’ve started hanging things on our walls.  This may come as a surprise to those of you who do not know me but, I was quite the procrastinator!  I live about an hour away from Target, Home Goods or any other home decor store that all of us ladies go crazy over. With that being said, it’s hard to spend one day in the local small city I live near and get exactly EVERYTHING I need!  I mean, even the nearest Harris Teeter is still 30 minutes away!

So, after four years of coming and going, browsing and buying.  I have finally accumulated enough decor items to start making my hizzy feel all comfy and cozy!  Both my guest and master bath are complete, along with my lovely hallway I shared at the beginning of this week.  Next on my agenda is our dinning room, which need some major love!  I will give you guys a sneak peek of what it looks like now and no, I’m not proud….

Let me explain my master bath real quick.  I have a separate area in my bathroom where my shower and commode are located and the sinks and vanity are adjacent to the small room but, it is part of my master bath!  Just so there is no confusion and you all know where I wash my hands!!!  Jesus and germs are everywhere!!!  For the sake of confusion, we’ll call this area the “shower room”.

Here’s what I started with…..Please, don’t let your jaw hit the floor!

And of course since I LOVE progress pictures, here are a few below

Stripes are so easy for me and since I now know how to free hand edging, painting is such a breeze!!!  The only thing that was difficult about painting this small space was bending over and around the commode.  I believe I squished my poor baby, or at least he/she was trying to tell me that I was!!

Here is the finished product….

The only thing I would like to add, is a tower to the left of the commode but, that will take me a 3 hours drive to IKEA. Which, my husband and I are planning on driving in 3 weeks!! WOOT WOOT!!!

I’m so happy how this turned out and I know my husband will be as well!  It’s been a long time coming and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!!

Hope you all enjoy and find inspiration in the simple things!