DIY Mirror Frame

Do you ever find things lying around your home and you think, “where did this even come from?”

Well, it happens to me all the time.  More often than not I find myself thinking, “there’s no way I bought this?!”.   When I realize how ridiculous the purchase was and how tacky it really is, I usually turn it into something better.  Kind of like the lamp I purchased a while back and then realized how much I hated it!

Well, lucky for you, I found another project begging to be dealt with and I’m pretty sure my husband is responsible for this purchase!

A year ago we we’re in desperate need of a mirror, you know, the ones that hang from your bedroom door?  So, the hub purchased a plain mirror from IKEA, which suited our needs for the moment. It’s just a mirror with an unfinished frame and it’s been hanging around my home for way to long.  I didn’t want to throw it away because I knew deep down in my little, bitty, DIY, wannabe heart, that I could do something magical with it!

I’m pretty proud of this DIY mirror frame, mainly for the simple fact that I busted up into Lowe’s Home Improvements, pregnant and ready to take charge. Us women have to stand tall and know what we want when we walk into a home improvement store!!  It’s “almost” like buying a car, in the sense that you have to be straight forward and self-confident! Okay, who am I kidding, it’s nothing like buying a car, but you get the idea.

Below is the plain IKEA frame my husband purchased.  Oh! and in the reflection is the dresser I’m currently giving a makeover for my October baby’s changing table! That thing has wheels….rad!!!!

Lets get into the deet’s, shall we!?

I bee-bopped up into Lowe’s Home Improvements like it was nobody’s business and headed straight for the crown molding.  I did make a stop along the way and asked an employee if they happened to make miter cuts…..They don’t, just case you’re wondering!

Below is the piece of crown molding my husband cut for me, he happens to do miter cuts…Yippee!!! And I purchased corner molding which is already put together so you can slip a straight piece of crown molding into the open side of the bracket. (It’s important you match your corner molding with whatever crown molding you are using, otherwise, the crown molding will not fit into the side of the corner bracket).

My husband measured the length and the height of the mirror to create the miter cuts.  I would suggest having someone measure and cut the straight piece of crown molding for you!  I know I couldn’t have done it! Thank’s hubby!

Here’s a better view of the corner molding.

Where the three arrows are pointing, is where you insert one end of the crown molding., I of course went to spray painting!  This is my first time using Krylon spray paint and I have to say, I’m not a fan!  I love my Valspar and Rust-Oleum.  I picked a muted teal in satin, of course!  Satin is my favorite finish.

 After spray painting the frame piece, I moved on to the mirror.  I covered the mirror using a few sheets of thick paper towels and carefully taped the border using  Scotch Blue Painters Tape.

 Here’s a view of the painted frame after all the paper towels and tape were removed.

 I waited a day or two before I started putting the frame together.  I definitely took my time on this project! Below is a look at how the crown molding fit together.


After the frame was dry, I used Elmer’s Interior Wood Glue  to glue the joints together.  I was confident in using wood glue after my husband told me he learned in wood shop class, that a joint which is glued together is stronger than the wood itself.

 After I glued all of the joints together, I have to mention, my husband was right!  Wood glue is the jam and it held my frame together something fierce!

 I waited one full day for the joints of the frame to get nice and dry before I actually glued the frame to the mirror. This was so simple and I’m so glad to be rid of that ugly, boring mirror!

Check out how awesome it looks now!

 So glad this turned out as well as it did, now my husband and I just have to find a place to hang it!!

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Updating Our Home One Room at A Time

The past two days have been much of a blur.  I’ve been busy priming and painting my life away, literally! Hence the past two days being “much of a blur”.

My husband and I installed new window fixtures in black, I decided it was time to give my dining room a color makeover.  We previously had tan on the walls and tan and black are nice colors that fit well together, I just needed something a little more dramatic.  After adding the window fixtures, one thing led to another and we started working on the kitchen.

Before we get into what my dining room and kitchen look like now, let me show you the atrocious monstrosity it was…..

Everything was disheveled and my poor husband was going nuts!  With the pregnancy coming to an end in 3 short months, I’ve been going stir crazy trying to get things accomplished. Below are a combination of paint colors I chose for our dining room, three colors to be exact!  You can’t really tell and I guess I’m horrible at choosing paint colors….My husband picked out our new paint color and I love it, its lighter than all three of those “same shades” in the picture below.

Our kitchen is another story!  I think this stressed my poor hubs out the most, because we purchased an IKEA island.  We all know that when you purchase anything IKEA, it comes in a million ba-jillion pieces…..So, what we really purchased were two base cabinets, all their doors, hinges, pulleys, knobs, dividers and a butcher block top………I’m pretty sure I’m leaving a few more things out…..Below is what our kitchen looked like during this installment.

After all the doors were placed together, I started the painting process.

The next day, my hubby and I decided that we needed the IKEA kitchen island to have a custom look, which we are still working on.  I will be sure to share with you all the end result  Here’s a sneak peek below of where we are going design wise.

For now, here is how far along we’ve come with both the dining room and kitchen.

My husband picked out a fantastic color in mint called “Green Vibe” by Valspar.  If you haven’t noticed by now, I love Valspar paint! The knobs are from IKEA and of course, I would put in the link to buy them, but they won’t ship em’……..ugh……

The paint color we chose for the dining room is called “Silver Leaf” by Valspar.  I love it far better than the other three colors I had swatched on the wall.  It’s the perfect shade of grey with a hint of blue.  Hopefully one day we will add some crown molding to this room.

The next project, which will be a breeze, is the interior side of the front door.  I’m planning on….yup…you guessed it, I’m painting it!  I think I will paint it the same color as the wall, but in a semi gloss, of course.

I cannot wait to reupholster these wing-back chairs.  They are such an eye sore!!  We will also be changing this table out for a large round one!  So exciting!

I love how this Silver Leaf color plays with the dark grey/blue in my hallway!  It’s the perfect visual when walking in through the front door!

Okay, that’s enough for now!  I can’t wait to share the finished rooms with you.  Right now, I’ve got 100 projects going all at once, suits me right!  I’m having a baby…..I’ve got to get this mess done!!!

Everyone have a fantastic Saturday!

7 of My Favorite Pregnancy Travel Essentials

Good morning everyone!  I hope your day is starting off sunny!  We’ve had a lot of rain here recently in south-eastern North Carolina, but that’s southern summer time for ya!

Just a couple of days ago I was searching through my purse and realized, I have A LOT of prego things hanging out in there.  Things I have never needed nor carried around before getting pregnant.

Then it hit me!  They were right! Who are “they”, you ask? “They” are all the woman whom have been pregnant before me. They told me so many bodily things would change and I would need “this” and “that” and maybe a little more of  “these” to go with “those”. Ummm, can you say mentally drained and not to mention, they we’re only “kind of right”.

If I would have listened to every single women on the planet in my first trimester, I would have had enough products to open up my own, or at least been able to supply with enough product to open up shop!

Instead of heeding everyone else’s advice, I listened to my own body and what it had to say. I was then able to understand some of the advice given to me.  Some certain things women told me would happen, didn’t! So, it’s just a matter of listening to what “your” body tell’s you.  After all, every woman is different when it comes to hormonal fluctuations and such!

So, let me share with you all of the wonderful pregnancy items I cram into my purse and just cannot live without .  Maybe you might find something on this list you didn’t think of and could use!

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. Snacks- Oh my word….How I love a good snack 30 minutes right after I eat!  Since the baby is growing and squishing every internal body part I have, eating for two has quickly turned into….”ugh….after eating half of that carrot, I’m about to POP”! So, getting hungry more throughout the day is becoming pretty routine, since I can’t eat as much as I used to without it becoming painful. Having a small snack around to keep me going is a plus.

2. Chap-stick- Here’s one thing no one mentioned would happen, since everyone loves giving advice on what your body will do, without realizing every body is different…..My entire second trimester, I had chapped lips!  No, I was not dehydrated because I drank TONS of H2O!  It was unbearable to say the least and I’m not the type of person who can stand dry lips. In fact, It’s a pet peeve of mine for anyone else to even have dry lips in my presence.  Can’t you tell when your lips are dry?  It looks really uncomfortable…..I know I’m uncomfortable with dry lips…..So I can only assume if I can notice your dry lips, you are uncomfortable too!? This pet peeve is something I’m working on…..I know it’s strange…My fave chap-stick is Burt’s Bee’s Beeswax Lip Balm, it works the best for me.

3. Tissues- My ENT (ear, nose & throat doctor) mentioned that some pregnant women have nasal issues due to hormonal changes.  These issues didn’t occur until late in to my second trimester.  I would have trouble breathing through my nose at night and some times during the day, not to mention when I blew my nose a bit of blood would come out…..Needless to say, I carry around tissues just in case.

4. Deodorant- After becoming pregnant and starting your second trimester off with a bang, you might notice a change in the way your body smells…..Totally normal and if you never experience this, than go you!  I however, noticed right away when my deodorant stopped working and unfortunately for me it happened in the middle of giving a haircut…I now have a travel size deodorant that I carry around in my purse!

5. Breath Mints- After all of the eating for two you might be indulging in, it might be smart to have breath mints available.  Especially if you are having any weird cravings, say onions….That would not be good to get caught up in a convo with someone, all the while having onion breath……These are a must for me since I do hair and when I snip bangs, I’m all up in yoe face!

6. Panty Liners- I actually read about having panty liners on hand for when your pregnant, no one told me it would be like a leaky faucet down there… more ways than one…..”palm smack to the forehead”…..I don’t have to tell you why you will need these throughout your pregnancy, but I will tell you that when your 3rd trimester creeps up and your worst fear becomes sneezing in public, panty liners will be to the rescue.  If you’re still curious as to why you might need panty liners before the 3rd trimester….Then you’re lucky and not experiencing what most women experience…chances are you’re experiencing it though!

7. Flush-able Wet Wipes- This is another “OH MY WORD” moment!  Flush-able wet wipes have changed my entire life!!!  If I have to say another word about why these are so awesome, than again….you are not experiencing what most women are experiencing during pregnancy….chances are, you’re experiencing it though….Do yourself a favor and get some Flush-able wet wipes… changer!  I use the Cottonelle Fresh Care Flush-able Wet Wipes.  They can be expensive so I’ve put the link for the coupons here.  Also, the containers are pretty big to lug around.  I suggest putting a few in a plastic baggy to carry around!

That about sums up my list thus far.  I’m in the beginning of my 3rd trimester, so I still have a way to go.  If there are any other items that can be added to this list, then by all means leave it in the comments and share with me what has helped you through your pregnancy!

Have a fantastic day y’all!

Before Baby Arrives- Bucket List

It’s Tuesday already?  What happened to the weekend!?

I spent my Saturday at work, of course.  A hairdressers gotta do what a hairdressers gotta do! Sunday my husband and I took the fastest trip to IKEA one could EVER take.  We picked up a kitchen island and I’m so excited to have it completed with a custom paint color, knobs and all. Monday, I hand scrubbed my entire kitchen floor.  I’m talking hands and knees style and I think I might be that much closer to carpel tunnel….WOMP, WOMP, WOMP!

Working on my house has recently lead me to ponder the things I’d like to do before the baby arrives.  With everything that has been taking place around my home, it almost makes it impossible to think about a bucket list.  I feel as if my home itself should be my bucket list.  I’m really not down with that…..I wanna do some fun things before baby arrives.

So, here is my bucket list before baby Patrone makes his or her debut.

1.  I want to take a trip to Washington, DC, just my husband and I.  We actually have already decided on this trip to DC and I could not be anymore excited.  We usually take a big trip once a year.  After baby gets here it will be much different!  (Question, what’s up with this whole “baby moon” trend?  Can’t I take a trip with my hubs before baby and it just be a trip!?…weird).

2. I want to get the baby’s room ready.  I feel awful for saying this, but I have yet to start on the baby’s room!  Anxiety is setting in and I’m starting to feel just a bit of pressure to have my home 100% finished and with not having started on the most important room in the house, It has me feeling a bit green…..So, this is on my bucket list for the next 3 months for sure!  I will give you all a before and after, don’t worry!

3. I want to get a tan. I’ve been so busy fixing, painting, rearranging and adding to even want to step foot outside.  Not to mention, I’m like a worm in hot ashes squirming in the summer sun.  Probably the most uncomfortable part of being pregnant right now, is the heat.  I squirm and sweat and get all super antsy, but all I want is a stinkin’ tan…….Is that so much to ask for?  I guess I will have to just sweat and bare it!?

4. I want to make a ton of crock-pot freezer meals.  The perks of being pregnant during the summer and not spending all day out side… word…..Pinterest!!  I want to make a TON of frozen, ready crock-pot meals before the baby comes.  That way, dinner is not such a big deal.  You just take a meal out of the freezer and throw it in the crock-pot!!!  Life simplified!!!  Pinterest is such a help with that, there are tons of crock-pot recipes and blogs on this topic.  I’ll let you know how that goes too! ;)

5. I want to have a spa day.  I’ve tried just going and getting a pedicure and it just doesn’t cut it.  Everywhere I’ve been, the service has been awful and I’ve come out with scrapped up tootsies and ankles…..I actually used to do pedicures and manicures and NEVER in my life have I ever used a disposable pumice stone on the side or top of someones foot…..not to mention ankles…..ouch!  I think I will move this to my top of my bucket list!!

6. I want to have one whole months worth of blog topics ready to post without having to stress.  I’m so nervous about not being able to post after the baby comes, so I will be busy preparing so you all have something to read… do like this blog, right!?  I mean, that’s why you come here!? ;)

7. I want to have our home professionally cleaned.  Did I ever tell you that I’m ridiculously allergic to dust mites?  Well, it’s hard to clean my baseboards, ceiling fans, nooks and crannies with allergies, let alone having a baby inside of my belly making it hard to bend over.  I mean, if I tried to dust all of my baseboards, I would probably pass out due to lack of oxygen to the brain that bending over causes.  All in all, it’s not a good idea for me…  Let’s face it, this should be on every expecting mama’s bucket list!

8. I want to spend one entire day disconnected. I say this all the time and I really need to crack down on putting it into action.  I really want to take one day out of the week to just disconnect from my phone and social media.  I’m sure with a baby on the way, that will be much easier for me to do, but like I said, I don’t want to stop connecting with you awesome people!

9. I want to have professional maternity photos taken. I have already set up my maternity photos for the end of August and I’m so excited about them.  I’m so stuck on the style and what I want to do, so if you all have any suggestions……laawwd, I need them!  I think I want some photos taken in my home, like in the nursery and in our boudoir!  Don’t worry, I will show them off when they’re done!

10. I want to have a girls get together.  I helped a friend with her yard sale a couple of weeks ago and it was just us girls, hanging out and having fun!  I enjoyed my time so much that I’ve decided another girls get together is just what I need before baby!  It’s so important to have a group of Godly women to spend time with.  I’m glad I’ve met some!!

I’m pretty sure the items on this bucket list will get crossed off quick!!  Is there anything you all can think of that I need to add to my list!?  I would love to have your tips!

Everyone have a fantastic week!

Out with The Old & In with The New- Day 5

Hello again and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

I have such a long day ahead of me, but I hope it goes by quick……Don’t we all?

The last DIY I have in store for you is a shabby chic and rustic bucket!  I’ve been slowly mixing in black accents to my living room colors and I thought no better way to introduce it, than by stripes!


I wanted to paint the entire bucket, but just resorted to stripes, since I felt I needed some stripe accents in my life!


First, I taped off the bucket using Frog Tape.  Because the shape of the bucket, I had to smooth over the tape in the areas that it would not lay firmly.

Next, I went to spray painting and don’t worry, this prego mama uses a mask!  I used Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint.  Rust-Oleum is my fave spray paint for metallic’s and chalkboard paint!  I use Valspar for all other colors.  To protect the bottom of the bucket from getting splitter splattered with paint, I used two cut up 2×4′s.  You can see how easy that worked in my last tutorial here.


After everything was dry, I slowly peeled off the tape and the used my chalk marker to write my sweet last name!!  I purchased the chalk marker from Target in the $1 section.  I don’t really like it, but hey!  you get what you pay for.




Here are some day photos!



It was so easy updating all this old stuff into something useful and fun!  I hope all you awesome peeps got some great inspiration to give your home new life!

I have some fun things going on in the next couple of weeks and I cannot WAIT to share it with you all!  Follow me on Instagram and you’ll get the inside scoop to what goes on in my life, when I’m not blogging!  Everyone have a great weekend and I will catch ya on Sunday!